Watch These High Schoolers Get Pepper Sprayed By Their Teacher

A normal high school day includes courses, lectures, lunch, and sometimes some after school activities. Every now and again, the students will have an assembly or a particular project to work on. Yet, generally, you know what topics will be studied in school. That is why what occurred at one high school has gotten people talking.

Not far from home, a group of Ohio high school kids signed up for something that would not be considered part of a “regular” school day. Can you envision what was going on in this scene when you look at photographs like these? The kids were allowed to leave the classroom, but they received much more. Still have no idea what’s going on here? We’ll get you up to speed. This instructor was spraying pepper spray on his kids.


Before you become upset and question why a teacher would ever do anything like this, remember that the pupils volunteered for it! It occurred in a high school outside of Akron, Ohio, during a criminal science technology class. The instructor, who is also the town’s former police chief, proceeded down the line, blasting each pupil in the eyes with pepper spray. As you might expect, their response was frightening! Some others remarked it seemed like a volcano to them.

All of the parents had to sign papers acknowledging their comprehension of the consequences of pepper spray. The letter said that the pepper spray will create a burning feeling in the eyes and nasal region for 30 minutes to an hour after use. Despite this, they agreed to participate.


The pepper spray experiment was part of the class’s defensive tactics instruction. As a result, the teacher was not spraying them for any other purpose. When the video went viral three years ago, it left many people scratching their heads.

Some have described it as “horrifying,” adding that “no one should have to go through this.” Their parents, however, agreed to the class, and the pupils volunteered. Those who did not have authorization or who did not volunteer were not sprayed.


This viral video was filmed by the mother of one of the students. Over the last three years, it has received over 22 million views. Despite the warnings, the parent says she didn’t anticipate the pepper spray would be that painful, yet she was proud of all the children for doing it. The woman’s son said he felt the effects of the pepper spray for a few days following, but that they quickly faded.


Many of the children are considering careers in the military or police enforcement, which is presumably why they volunteered to be pepper sprayed. Nonetheless, it is a lesson they will always remember.

Watch the video and let us know what you think about this school activity.

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