Entitled Homeowners Refused to Pay My Plumber Dad – They Thought They Were the Smartest, but He Had the Last Laugh

When an entitled couple refused to pay my hardworking plumber Dad, they thought they were clever. Little did they know their smugness would backfire, leaving them with a bathroom crawling with regret. Here’s how my Dad flushed their entitlement down the drain. Hey there, folks! Phoebe here, but you can call me Pippi — that’s […]

My Neighbor Constantly Stole My Mail, but One Day I Got the Letter First & He Immediately Moved Out – Story of the Day

I recently moved into my late mother’s house, and after settling down, I noticed my mail wasn’t arriving. When I checked the surveillance camera, I saw my neighbor stealing it. The next morning, I caught him red-handed, and shortly after, he suddenly disappeared. The letter I finally received revealed part of the mystery. After my […]