About A Romantic Relationship

Recognized for her openness, Goldberg acknowledged that she has never let her age stop her from dating. She remarked in passing that she had been in a relationship with someone 40 years younger than she was. Her co-hosts and the audience were taken aback by this revelation, which demonstrated Goldberg’s openness to question conventional wisdom and expectations on relationships and love.

One of Goldberg’s co-hosts, Sara Haines, said during the conversation that a 12-year age gap wasn’t all that big, similar to the one between Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine in The Idea of You. Joy Behar, who humorously stated that she preferred younger partners—citing her own spouse, who is seven years her junior—echoed this sentiment.

After Goldberg revealed her age, there was discussion regarding age preferences in partnerships. Behar brought up the issue that while some age differences might seem more reasonable at particular points in life, larger differences might cause problems. Goldberg, laughingly indicating a large age range with her arms, stressed that age was not a deciding factor for her when selecting a mate.

After that, the conversation shifted to Goldberg’s personal love past, during which she acknowledged dating both younger and older men. Her co-hosts were taken aback when she related stories of her previous relationships, one of which involved a man who was much older than she was.
Goldberg has been somewhat quiet about her personal life in recent years, despite being upfront about her love past. Goldberg has been in three marriages and divorces, so she is familiar with the highs and lows of relationships.

She has dated a wide variety of people, such as businessmen, actors, and even James Bond actor Timothy Dalton.

Numerous relationships, each with unique dynamics and difficulties, have characterized Goldberg’s romantic path. Through her marriages to Lyle Trachtenberg, David Claessen, and Alvin Martin as well as several high-profile relationships and long-term partnerships, Goldberg has demonstrated humor and resiliency in navigating the challenges of love and commitment.

In recent years, Goldberg has been vocal about her decision to remain single, emphasizing her independence and contentment with being on her own. Despite rumors and speculation about her sexuality, Goldberg has consistently asserted that she is not a lesbian, attributing her close friendships with women to genuine camaraderie and companionship.