Bray Wyatt Tribute at WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony

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The WWE Universe paid tribute to the late, great Bray Wyatt during the Hall of Fame ceremony, making their phones light up the arena.

Bray Wyatt was honoured at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony ahead of WrestleMania, with fans in attendance all lighting up their phones as a tribute.

Bray’s father and uncle were being inducted into the class of 2024 Hall of Fame, and they ended their speech by remembering and honouring the late, great Bray.

Bray’s brother Bo Dallas and sister also spoke during the induction.

The induction of the legendary tag team brothers-in-law Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham into the WWE Hall of Fame was marked by a touching tribute to Rotunda’s late son Bray Wyatt in a moment that brought tears to all last night.

The pair, known as the US Express in their prime, took a few moments after giving their speech to dedicate some special words to Rotunda’s son, who tragically passed away last August from a cardiac arrest, before raising their phones alight in the air with the watching public joining in, creating a beautiful scenery to remember Wyatt, aka Windham Rotunda, serenaded by the latter’s theme song during his period as The Fiend.

Rotunda said: “I wish that our son Windham could have been here, he would have liked to see his old man go into the Hall of Fame.

Rotunda and Windham were accompanied inside the ring of Wells Fargo Center by Rotunda’s other two children Mika and current WWE wrestler Taylor, ring name: Bo Dallas, who inducted their father and uncle into the Hall of Fame. The two younger siblings also gave mention to their beloved brother Wyatt, moments before they gave their speech dedicated to the legendary brothers-in-law. Taylor said: “He may not be on this stage, but we know he’s here.”

The Wyatt Family in WWE

Wyatt was a wrestler like his fellow family members, having participated in WWE from 2009, and was still active until his passing. The 36-year-old Florida native was part of a long lineage of wrestling stars, with Windham and his brother Kendall being the sons of Blackjack Mulligan, who took part in the sport from the 70s to the 90s. Wyatt had been on a hiatus after his 2023 Royal Rumble victory against LA Knight, due to a pre-existing heart condition being affected by a positive COVID-19 result.

A special documentary directed by Steve Conoscenti, Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal, detailed the story and career of the great wrestling icon with family, friends, and in-ring rivals all speaking about the man in question, accompanied by never-before-seen clips and footage.

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