Woman Adopts Her Husband’s Late Ex-wife’s Baby to Keep Him from Foster Care, Gets Criticised: “Poor Baby”

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Christie and Wesley Werts are a happy couple that had been in the process of blending their family. The couple wanted to have a child of their own but knew it would be difficult since Christie was in her late 40s, but their miracle baby found them.Christie and Wesley Werts fell in love five years ago but did not know their love story would involve a miracle baby. When the couple got married, they blended their families. Christie had Megan, and Vance and Wesley had Austin and Dakota; together, they became one big blended family.

The couple added a new member to their family, Levi, whom they fought hard for. They waited 16 months for the adoption process to be finalized and to bring their baby boy home.However, how Levi found them was touching, so much so that it was a literal dream come true for Christie and her family.

The Story Behind Levi’s Adoption
Baby Levi was born in Texas in August 2021. His mother was Wesley’s former partner whom she had with another man. According to reports, Levi’s mother and her partner were drug users. The boy’s biological mother reportedly used drugs while pregnant, leading to Levi being born prematurely at 33 weeks.

Unfortunately, she died four days later due to her addiction and complications connected to the coronavirus. Christie and Wesley did not know she was pregnant until her sister informed her husband about her death and a baby boy, who had no one to take care of him.When Wesley broke the news to his wife, it almost felt like he knew she would want to take him in. Christie experienced what it was like to live in foster homes, so she did not want Levi to grow up in an unstable environment.

She and her husband had also thought about trying for a child of their own, but since Christie was in her late 40s, she knew she might need fertility treatments.

Even more chilling was that before Christie found out about Levi, she had constantly dreamed about a blue-eyed blond baby. She reiterated, “For three months, I kept having this dream. Sometimes he was a baby, other times a toddler.”

From there, her mind was set on adopting the baby. The family flew to Texas to meet Levi with Child Protection Services, and just like Christie’s dream, she walked in and was met with the baby from her dreams.

The meeting was love at first sight.” “But when I walked in and saw this blond-haired, blue-eyed baby, I immediately fell in love. It was a very surreal feeling. This was my son. Even my daughter [Megan], when she first saw him, said, ‘He has our button nose!’” the mother expressed.Christie had already been in the process of adopting Wesley’s children and knew she would be making Levi one of her own as well. The couple was aware of how unusual of a situation they were in.

To think that Wesley was once in love with Levi’s mother and now had to take in a child she shared with another man was something he had to process. But the goal was still to take Levi home.

The adoption process for an infant is not easy. According to The National Adoption Foundation, it can take two to seven years. However, the couple thought their situation would be different since Levi’s aunt was involved, and they already had an ongoing adoption.

However, nothing about the process was easy. Christie and Wesley sold their house in Ohio and moved to Texas to attend court proceedings. To top it off, Levi’s biological father was still alive and had parental rights, so until they were terminated, the child was not allowed to leave Texas.

After a long 16 months of house inspections, interviews, and court appearances, Levi’s adoption was finally finalized, and the couple took their baby home. Throughout the process, Levi did not have a first name since his biological mother died before she could assign him one.

But one thing she made clear before taking her last breath was that the baby’s surname was Werts. This just made Levi’s presence in Wesley and Christie’s life feel more like a miracle.Levi is a happy boy who recently celebrated his second birthday. The parents plan to tell him his origin story when he is old enough to understand, but for now, they are enjoying seeing the little boy grow.

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