‘CSI: Miami’ Actor Evan Ellingson Accidentally Died in His Bedroom Leaving His Dad ‘Heartbroken’

Evan Ellingson has died aged 35. The former actor passed away on November 5, 2023, at his home in San Bernadino County. Evan was a one-time child star featured in 2009’s “My Sister’s Keeper” as Cameron Diaz’s teenage son.

His family released a statement expressing how heartbroken they were about Evan’s sudden passing. The family wrote, “Evan was one of the most caring individuals who loved Jesus with all his heart. He had a sweet, child-like spirit with a smile that could light up a room.” They continued to praise him for his thoughtfulness and kind hear.

He entered the Hollywood scene at 13 when he got a minor role in a TV movie and a guest appearance on “General Hospital.” The former actor also had a recurrent role on “CSI: Miami” as Kyle Harmon. He starred in this role for 18 episodes over three years.Evan hadn’t been on camera for over a decade, but he will be remembered for starring in other handfuls of films such as “The Gristle,” “Confession,” “Walk the Talk,” “Rules of the Game,” and “The Bondage.”

Now, the former actor is dead, and the circumstances surrounding his death are unclear. Law enforcement officials told TMZ that there appears to be no foul play involved in his death. Evan’s dad, Michael, also informed TMZ that his son was found dead in his bedroom at a sober-living home.

He spoke about how God restored his mind and gave him peace and hope.Evan had struggled with drug addiction, but that was now in his past as he was doing better. So, his family was shocked by his sudden passing. The “CSI: Miami” actor appeared to have stepped away from show business as he had no movie credits post-2010.

However, two years before his death, Evan had given a testimony of his recovery and addiction. The former actor was turning his life around after he had fallen into drug addiction.

Evan’s Cause of Death
The cause of Evan’s death had been unclear since his passing was announced. However, according to reports, an autopsy was scheduled on Monday, and it was established that the former actor’s death was an accident.An investigation by law enforcement confirmed that Evan died from an accidental fentanyl overdose. A San Bernardino County coroner revealed this on November 28, 2023.While the family tries to process the death of their loved one, they will miss and hold on to all the beautiful moments that they shared with him and the joy he brought into other people’s lives.

Evan’s View of Life
Evan grew up in La Verne, California, with his three siblings. The former actor, born on July 1, 1988, recalled that he never had a similar childhood as his siblings and friends because he started acting young.Still, Evan, who never had extra time with his siblings and friends, noted that his childhood was great as he was tied up doing the stuff he loved. “I had no regrets because I found my passion for acting early on,” he added.

As he starred in “CSI: Miami,” the former actor was happy because his parents were supportive. Evan’s mom, Susan, made his childhood fulfilling as she was present in every audition and casting of her son.In 2021, Evan was away from Hollywood at The River’s Edge Ranch, a faith-based, non-medical, substance abuse recovery center for men. Here, he spoke about how God restored his mind and gave him peace and hope after he battled drug addiction for a long time. He revealed:

“I am super excited about life, like, I know that there is hope for me, and now I just want to let other people know that there’s hope.”

Evan was happy about his recovery journey and graduating from the center. He was looking forward to living life to the fullest, babysitting his brother’s kids, and spending time with his family without being high on drugs.