Unexpected: Jason Kelce officially announced his retirement from the NFL.

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Jason Kelce just announced he’s retiring from the NFL THROUGH TEARS! He’s given so much to the game. Sending love to one of the greats!

“Let’s see how long this lasts,” remarked Kelce, sporting a sleeveless Eagles T-shirt, before breaking down in tears and needing some time to gather himself at a press conference that his brother Travis, who was wearing sunglasses, and parents Ed and Donna attended inside the auditorium.

Before he eventually announced his retirement, Kelce took 45 minutes to go over his career, from his early years in Ohio to his last days with the Eagles, replete with tears, humor, and heartfelt gratitude to his biggest inspirations.

“My entire career, I have been the underdog,” he declared. “And I still wish I was, and I mean it when I say it.”

“No one likes us! No one likes us! No one likes us! We don’t care,” Kelce exclaimed that day in February 2018. “We’re from Philly! (Expletive) Philly. No one likes us! We don’t care!”

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