“A Slap In The Face”

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With the San Francisco 49ers in the 2016 season, Colin Kaepernick made his NFL debut, although his performance wasn’t great. In eleven starts, the former quarterback and full-time activist recorded one victory against ten losses. He later declined a team offer of a contract renewal, and he hasn’t played in the league since. Many believed that because of his antics on the field and his bombast off the field, he was being blackballed by the NFL. But those same individuals were ignoring the fact NFL defensive coordinators were learning how to stop him, and his skill set was rapidly diminishing.

First and foremost, Kaepernick was a runner, and his passing accuracy was abysmal. As is typically the case, quarterbacks quickly lose their effectiveness when defenses find them out. The former quarterback’s unemployment was attributed to racism by lefties and the liberal media, despite his decline on the field and his rejection of a contract offer from San Francisco. It seems sense that no organization wanted the player with his unique mix of problems on the sidelines or in the locker room given the baggage he carried with him and his deteriorating abilities.

In addition to his well-known protests of perceived social injustice in America, Kaepernick advocated for the abolition of the police and jail systems, donned socks that pictured police as pigs, and compared the NFL to
Considering Kaepernick was offered contracts from the Canadian Football League and the Alliance of American Football but chose to ignore both rather than prove he could still play, it was clear that he was interested more in stirring the pot than playing football. As recently as this season, Kaepernick rumors were still floating regarding a return to the field.

Recently, the NFL added a former coach back to the sidelines, and the Kaepernick rumors have gained new traction. Kaepernick’s former head coach in San Francisco, Jim Harbaugh, was hired by the Los Angeles Chargers, and while Harbaugh has mentioned nothing about adding the former signal caller, NFL insider Mike Florio floated the possibility of Harbaugh adding the erstwhile quarterback as a coach.

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