Tom Selleck, 79, reveals he relies on his wife of 36 years for this everyday convenience

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At 79, Tom Selleck has done a lot with his life. He’s starred in several television shows, married the love of his life, become a father, and been named the “Sexiest Man Ever” by his loyal fans.

But there’s one thing Selleck has yet to do, and in 2024, it’s quite surprising the Blue Bloods actor has made it this far.

While promoting his memoir, set to publish May 7, Tom Selleck revealed he typically stays far away from technology.

“Occasionally I’ve looked up my name,” he told People. “That started really with the book, but I’ve never sent my own email. I had a secretary. I’ve never texted anybody.”

These days his wife of 36 years, Jillie, sends texts for him.

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“I have a certain luxury where I probably couldn’t survive otherwise,” Selleck said. “But I don’t know. I have a hard time writing things down, which is weird for a guy who’s pushing a book.”


Selleck’s memoir, You Never Know, details his acting career, which he says he didn’t always have a passion for, from the very beginning to where he’s currently at in life.

In his book, Selleck explains how his story is unlike many others because he wasn’t “bitten by the acting bug,” rather he just wanted some steady work.

“I don’t have the hooks that a lot of people do,” he says. “I didn’t rehabilitate myself or have this tragic life. I had my own share of certainly ups and downs, but I’ve been very fortunate.”

I am shocked Tom Selleck has avoided sending texts and emails for all these years. Even if you had your own secretary, do you think you could stay away from texting?

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