This woman’s husband left her because she had no legs, and she raised them alone. What do this woman’s children look like today?

Sonia Salinas Fierros, the mother of the girls, remained unconscious for a considerable period while carrying conjoined twins. Since her pregnancy was stable, she didn’t visit the clinic frequently. In the spring of 2005, Sonia started feeling unwell and decided to consult a doctor.

That’s when she received the surprising news that her future daughters would be born connected to each other. Sonia and her husband Federico made the decision to temporarily move from Mexico to the United States to consult a clinic in Los Angeles regarding the possibilities of separating the girls. Unfortunately, they couldn’t return to their home country before the birth.

On August 2, 2005, twins Renata and Regina were born, attracting the attention of medical experts. It was discovered that they shared many organs, making the separation procedure incredibly difficult. However, specialists at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles began preparations for the separation, which took nearly 10 months.

On June 14, 2006, a team of 80 professionals worked tirelessly for 22 hours to successfully separate Renata and Regina. Throughout the procedure, Sonia and Federico anxiously awaited the result. Fortunately, it was a success, and the following night, each girl slept in her own bed, no longer sharing the same space as before.

The news of the successful separation of the conjoined twins from Mexico quickly made headlines worldwide, bringing global recognition to Regina and Renata. Despite this newfound fame, the girls’ parents chose to lead a modest and quiet life, declining most invitations to participate in television shows.

Approaching their 18th birthday, the twins reside in Mexico with their parents and continue their higher education. Renata, seen wearing a red dress in a photo, suffers from mild back problems that affect her mobility. However, she is undergoing medical treatments that should restore her full health.The remarkable efforts of the doctors and the unwavering support of their parents have allowed Renata and Regina to lead a fulfilling life. Their journey serves as inspiration to many.