Michigan elementary school teaching ‘mini-lesson’ on pronouns to students

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A new “mini-lesson” for elementary school students in Michigan is sparking concern among some parents.

The lesson on pronouns, meant to teach inclusivity, will be taught to first grade students at Schavey Road Elementary school in DeWitt, Michigan.

On April 11 the district emailed a letter to parents alerting them of the upcoming lesson plan.

“I wanted to take the opportunity to update you regarding an optional mini-lesson we offered to students in one of our elementary school classrooms,” the letter from Shanna Spickard the superintendent read. “The purpose is to promote greater understanding, compassion, and kindness regarding gender identity and the use of pronouns. The mini-lesson is not designed to challenge, persuade, or alter family beliefs. Instead, it aims to promote a safe and respectful learning environment where all our students feel valued.”

The lesson, which Spickard reiterated was “optional” and “100% voluntary,” came as the result of “concerns” that had been brought to their attention.


Students in the first grade class will be listening to the book “They She He Me: Free to Be!” and practice using they/them pronouns. They will also participate in a discussion about using the correct pronouns and what to do if you use the wrong ones.

Parents who wished to opt their child out of the lesson had until April 18 to respond.


While some parents welcomed the mini-lesson, many have been against it.

“Five years old to seven years old to me, it blew me away,” Brandi Strahan told WILX. “They don’t need to learn, you know, about anything that’s personal or sexualized or, you know, gender-specific, at five years old. Those are my babies; that’s my right and my husband’s right.”

It is worth noting that children are taught from an early age which bathroom to use based on their gender.

According to a Facebook post, the Clinton County Republican Party is calling upon “p*ssed off parents” to attend the next DeWitt Board of Education meeting “to take a stand against DeWitt’s superintendent decision to indoctrinate our kids.”

What do you think about this mini-lesson being offered to first graders? Would you let your child attend? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.

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