This guy saved an abandoned bear cub. 6 years later, he is an 800-pound bear’s best friend

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Casey Anderson was out hiking, exploring the vastness of the earth, when he suddenly encountered something startling and frightening. Casey found an abandoned grizzly bear cub alone, with the mother not seen in the area.

Instead of running away like most people, Casey felt he had to help the abandoned cub. So he took him to his house and began to care for him. It was the beginning of a wonderful and amazing friendship.

Over the years that followed, Casey and Brutus the Bear developed such a friendship like we had never seen. They trust each other like good friends, and their story is just inspiring.

Brutus spent most of his childhood at Casey’s house. Once he was too big to be inside, Casey let him live outside for a while. But he still remained very close to Casey, and as a result of their friendship, Casey built a shelter farm and educational center for grizzly bears, a place where people can learn more about bears and wildlife.

Watch the video below and learn more about Casey’s amazing friendship with his best friend who weighs 800 pounds!

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