Man saved the life of an octopus that was abandoned on the beach – the octopus thanked him in a way he’ll never forget

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Several years ago, a man was walking along the beach in Singapore, when he suddenly saw something that made him stop there.

He saw an octopus fighting for his life. He must have probably drifted ashore during the high tide.

The man didn’t hesitate for even a second. He took a plastic box, filled it with seawater, and carefully lifted the abandoned octopus into it.

Then, the man released the octopus back into the water.

After he was finished, he stood there, feeling satisfied that he could help a distressed animals as the octopus re-acclimate to its natural environment.

The creature began to breathe and wiggle, and his eyes began to blink.

And the story could end there, but then something happened that the man will never forget.

Although it happened a few years ago, it was so special that the video went viral again recently, and we had to share it with you!

The octopus spread his arms, leaped over the sand in shallow water, and climbed onto the foot of the man who rescued him.

Then, it put two arms on his shoe, as if to say, “Thank you for saving my life”.

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