The Conspiracy Theory That Stevie Wonder Is Not Blind Is Getting More Popular

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Stevie Wonder is a world-famous musician who has created many hit songs throughout the decades. He first rose to fame as a young boy and sang some of the most popular songs in modern-day American music history. In addition to being a famous musician, Stevie Wonder is also one of the world’s most famous blind people – but some conspiracy theorists are putting forward the claim that Stevie Wonder might not be as blind as people think he is – but is there claim based on any fact?

Back when he was just eleven years old, Stevie Wonder released his first record after signing a deal with Motown in Detroit, Michigan. He marketed the album under the name Little Stevie Wonder, which means that Stevie Wonder’s blindness has been documented since he was a young child in the early days of middle school.

Wonder’s first hit off the album was “Fingertips,” which skyrocketed to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list when the young singer and musician was just thirteen years old. He instantly became the youngest artist to ever reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, solidifying his musical legacy as just a youthful teenager.

Even as a young child, Stevie Wonder wore the black sunglasses that he is famous for donning to this day. He made it clear that he had a visual impairment even back when he was a child, which added to his mystique and made him even more popular among the American public.

Stevie Wonder was born blind – but that’s not what numerous conspiracy theorists claim. Nevertheless, Wonder was born six weeks early in 1950, and as a premature baby, he was diagnosed with the neonatal disease. He suffered from retinopathy of prematurity because the growth of his eyes was halted, and as a result, his retinas detached, making him blind as a bat.

However, Stevie Wonder has exhibited some behavior over the years that has made some people doubt whether or not he is blind at all. For example, a short video by Noisey explains that Stevie Wonder has done a bit too much to cast doubt on the fact of his blindness, making room for conspiracy theorists to spread the rumor that Wonder is not as blind as people think.

One example occurred in 2010 while Stevie Wonder was performing with Paul McCartney. During the performance, a microphone fell, and Stevie Wonder adroitly caught it before it hit the floor in a crash. The singer’s quick reflexes made some people doubt that he was blind because it seemed like he had been able to see the falling microphone and catch it before it struck the stage.

Additionally, Stevie Wonder was photographed while he was photographing singer Michael Jackson. Why would Wonder be the one to snap a photo of the King of Pop? In 2018, ESPN writer Myron Medcalf recorded Stevie Wonder during a visit to the Minneapolis airport. Medcalf caught Wonder looking at his phone and apparently taking a selfie.

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal shared another story that made people doubt whether Stevie Wonder was blind or not. The NBA legend was in an elevator when “the door opens. It’s Stevie Wonder.” Wonder says, “What’s up, Shaq?” and then presses a button.

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