Fans Amazed by Whoopi Goldberg’s Legs as She’s Seen in Short Dress & High-Heels at 67: ‘Show Them More!’

Recently, ABC Network’s show, “The View,” which has been on-air since 1997, featured a special episode to celebrate 100 Years Of Disney For Halloween. Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah Griffin dressed up as their favorite characters from Disney’s various entertainment entities.

Griffin opted for Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin,” Hostin transformed into Neytiri from “Avatar,” Navarro portrayed Mirabel Madrigal from “Encanto,” Behar embodied Cruella de Vil from “Cruella,” Haines became Carl Fredricksen from “Up,” and Goldberg took on the role of tour guide Barbie from “Toy Story 2.”

Goldberg, 67, left her fans in awe by donning a stylish short blue dress adorned with vibrant yellow buttons and a waist belt. She added a touch of Halloween glamor with sparkling high heels, confidently showing off her legs.

In her 60s, the actress from “Sarafina!” has embraced her unconventional style, viewing her grungy fashion sense as a strength.

On November 1, “The View” posted two photos of Goldberg rocking her Barbie look on their Instagram page. The caption read, “Last summer’s big screen blockbuster wasn’t the first time this American icon was in the driver’s seat in the beloved franchise that spans three decades, grossed nearly three billion dollars, and won four Oscars! Please welcome as tour guide Barbie from ‘Toy Story 2,’ @whoopigoldberg! 🚗”

Fans were left in awe by the “Till” alum’s stunning appearance. Numerous commenters found Goldberg to be a captivating tour guide, describing her as “sexy.” Others praised her “beautiful” and “glowing” legs, complimenting her divine look. Some admirers highlighted her lovely smile, while a few confessed they had never seen her showcase her legs before, urging her to “show them more.”

Surprisingly, this isn’t the actor-turned-comedian’s first time overcoming challenges to embrace a style that reflects her personality. Back in 2014, Goldberg confessed to shedding about 35 pounds, tipping the scales at 217 pounds after making up her mind it was time for a change.

The Oscar-winning actress confessed that she had started to feel like she resembled a linebacker. Her inspiration came from her then-co-host, Sherri Shepherd, who was significantly slimmer than her.

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In 2019, she introduced her clothing line, mirroring her personal style choices. Referring to fashion as “ageless,” Goldberg emphasized, “Some days you’re wider, sometimes you have water weight, and sometimes you’re bigger than you were when you went to bed. You want to not have to worry about that. This is all about putting stuff on and being comfortable. That’s the bottom line.”

In her 60s, the actress from “Sarafina!” has embraced her unconventional style, viewing her grungy fashion sense as a strength. Upholding her authenticity and refusing to lose her unique identity, Goldberg shared, “My mother raised me that way. She never, ever explained that I had to be concerned about how other people saw me…”

“So if I wanted to follow the pack, that was fine. But if you want to go off on your own, that makes people uncomfortable and some might not like you for that. It’s your choice,” she concluded.