Teenage Kroger Employee Pays For Elderly Man Who Couldn’t Afford His Groceries

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Teo Jordan is a teenage employee at a Kroger supermarket in Covington, Kentucky who just showed an elderly shopper kindness at a moment when it was most needed.

“Just treat people the way you want to be treated (and) always help out if someone needs it,” Teo Jordan said.

In a heartwarming act of kindness, Teo stepped up when an old client found himself in a difficult position: the man lacked the funds needed to pay for the entirety of his groceries.

“I just seen I wanted to help the guy. I saw that he didn’t have the money for all the groceries that he wanted. The cashier told him he would have to put some of the thing back so I just thought in my head I would give him this $35 so he could have all the food that he wants,” Jordan said.

The 18-year-old student at Holmes High School has only been working as a bagger at Kroger for a few weeks. As it turns out, he was already using his salary to help his family and also save up for a car. But that didn’t deter him from helping someone else who needed it more.

Teo’s act of kindness made his family very proud.

“I am proud of Teo. I’m overwhelmed with joy. You try to instill in your kids right and wrong, but you don’t know if they comprehend, so yes, I’m very proud,” said Stephanie Burton, Teo’s mother.

If there is anything we can learn from this teenager, it’s that when the opportunity to show kindness presents itself, we should always take it.

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