Jeopardy Fans Are Outraged After “Easy” Religious Question Goes Unanswered

On Tuesday’s episode of Jeopardy, fans were left shocked and horrified when all three contestants failed to answer a Final Jeopardy clue. The clue, which centered around the Christian faith, asked participants to complete a line from the Lord’s Prayer, which is easily the most widely recited prayer in all of the Christian kingdom. The clue, which was worth just $200, the least amount available on the show, stated, “Matthew 6:9 says, ‘Our Father, which art in heaven,’ This ‘be thy name.’”

While millions of Americans at home and those in the stands knew the solution to the clue, the three contestants, Suresh Krishnan, Laura Blyler, and Joe Seibert, remained in stunned silence as the clock ran out and the buzzer rang to alert them that they had run out of time to provide their solution to the Jeopardy clue.

Eventually, Jeopardy host Mayim Bialik filled in the missing word and notified the contestants that the word that was missing from the clue was “Hallowed,” as in “Hallowed be thy name.”

Within minutes, the unsolved Jeopardy clue became a viral sensation on Twitter, with thousands of people sharing their shock that none of the Jeopardy contestants were able to answer the relatively simple question – which would have been especially easy for any practicing Christians in the audience.

“Tonight’s Jeopardy contestants were just asked to fill in this blank: ‘Our Father who art in heaven, ______ be thy name,’” one user tweeted. “None of them even took a guess. I’m really surprised — I thought that would be an easy one!”

Another person tweeted, “How can those Jeopardy! nerds not know this answer. Have they never listened to Iron Maiden?” which was a reference to the 1982 heavy metal song “Hallowed Be Thy Name,” which has been a popular rock song for generations now.

While most Twitter users were shocked that the Jeopardy contestants did not know the answer to the Lord’s Prayer question, some self-professed conservative Twitter users were particularly outraged by the lack of knowledge on behalf of the game’s players.

“Not one contestant on Jeopardy last night knew the answer to this…..” wrote one user. “Are you waking up yet?”

Another person tweeted that this lack of knowledge about the Christian religion shows “how sad our country is becoming.” The person added, “They asked the question about the lord’s prayer. Neither of the three contestants got it. That is very alarming. My gosh, the simplest prayer people need to get back to the Bible.”

Every year, Americans are growing less religious. There are more and more atheists in the country, which are people who do not believe in God or practice an official religion. The atheists are becoming so common nowadays that Christianity seems to possibly be on its way out once and for all. But the Christians of America are determined not to let that happen.

Do you think the Jeopardy contestants should have gotten this one right?