Sean Hannity announces he is moving to a red state – leaving New York

Sean Hannity, who gained his popularity as a prominent host on Fox News has decided to move on from New York. The host wants to make a move and the reason has people talking…

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Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity has made an announcement that has shocked a lot of people. Hannity has announced his decision to bid farewell to New York, and move to the sunshine state of Florida. His move is a way for him to reiterate that he wants to be in a state that upholds individual rights and conservative values.

In a recent broadcast, Hannity told viewers about his intended move and also updated them on the inauguration of his Florida-based studio. He said, “If you’ve been following this program, you know I’ve been contemplating this move for a while, and now we’re launching our first broadcast from the free state of Florida.

I’m out, done, finished with New York. It’s Florida’s turn now.”