There is a wonderful place where more than 900 stray dogs are waiting for you to come play with them!

To this day I never believed in heaven, but then I heard about this place, and what can I tell you.. heaven exists! And it’s in Costa Rica.

The locals call it ‘The land of the strays’. This wonderful place is located in Alajuela, Costa Rica, and is considered one of the best places for dogs that don’t have a permanent home.

This huge shelter farm is home to 900 stray dogs that roam freely in the huge area. They have water sources scattered throughout the area, and when evening comes they return to the sheltered structure where a warm bed awaits them, and the volunteers of the place feed and shower them.

This shelter farm explores and learns how a holiday environment improves a dog’s health and adaptability. In this shelter farm they also don’t kill dogs – even if they don’t find a permanent home after a certain period of time, A dog can live in this place for all his life, and live well.

Each dog gets its own name (how they remember all the names I have no idea). And if you want to adopt a dog, you can come to the farm, get to know the dog and spend a whole day with him, and if the connection is mutual, he will come back home with you. In addition, anyone who wants to come to the farm and spend time with the dogs is welcome to do so.

Look what a place! This is every dog lover’s dream.

So if you want a perfect vacation, one with a meaning, then this farm in Costa Rica is probably the perfect place for you.

Look at the video below to see these adorable animals in action: