Pregnant Mom-of-3 Films Her Friends Cleaning Her House Instead of a Baby Shower & Netizens Loved It

Baby showers are the usual go-to celebration for expectant mothers, but what if there was another option that didn’t include embarrassing yourself in front of your loved ones? One TikToker had social media users stunned when she showed them another way to prepare for their child’s birth.

The minute someone says they’re pregnant, most people congratulate them; others ask if they know the child’s sex already, and depending on how close you are, they’ll be those who’ll get excited about the upcoming baby shower. While all these reactions are valid, some people don’t feel comfortable about the last two.One social media user revealed that when she discovered she was expecting, the last thing she wanted was a baby shower. Notably, the woman had already been there and done that, as this child would be her third; therefore, she knew exactly how she wanted her friends to celebrate her pregnancy.

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Taking to TikTok, the woman had the social media platform’s users amazed by the direction she took in preparation for her third child. Her friends showed up and showed off their dedication in the best way!

How Did the Tiktoker Celebrate Her Pregnancy?
The norm for pregnant mothers to celebrate the expectant births of their children is to have a baby shower. These events are usually used as a way to get baby supplies from friends and family ahead of the birth.

Most times, the expecting woman will be the center of attention, and some games will be played to keep everyone entertained. Some people drink, and food is usually served to keep guests nourished.

On October 13, 2023, a TikTok user named Nia Lui shared a video of how she prepared for and celebrated the upcoming birth of her third child. As someone who didn’t enjoy baby showers partly because she didn’t like being the center of attention, she chose to have a nesting party instead.

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As a parent to two children, she felt a baby shower wouldn’t make sense as she already had all the baby supplies she needed anyway. Instead, she had a nesting party to receive the kind of help she actually wanted ahead of her child’s birth.

According to Google, a nesting party is a social event where family and friends assist a pregnant person in preparing for their child’s arrival by cooking, cleaning, and running errands for them. Lui chose the cleaning option as she had things in her home that she wished to sort out before her baby’s arrival.

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She revealed one of her friends organized the event, where she sent her a list of things she wanted done before her baby’s arrival. The 31-year-old’s friend made cards for each attendee, with a section of her house they would tackle.

While the pregnant woman mainly supervised, her friends could be seen vacuuming, dusting, wiping things down, tidying up shelves, packing things away, and more! At one point, everyone took a dinner break and was seen eating soup, sourdough bread, and other treats.During that moment, they got to talk about the baby before getting right back to their chores! When they were done, Lui was pleased to see everything properly organized and the house clean and felt ready to welcome her child.

A person who saw Lui’s clip wondered why nesting parties haven’t “been a thing”…

Showing what amazing friends she had, they also left her with freezer meals for her post-partum period! Lui highly recommended nesting parties for expectant mothers, and TikTokers couldn’t help but share their opinions.

How Did Netizens React to Lui’s Nesting Party?
Lui’s post received more than 2,300 comments from TikTok users. One person didn’t seem to approve of how Lui chose to prepare for her child’s birth and felt the TikToker could’ve “hired a cleaner” or put cleaning as an item on her gift registry, adding:

“I could never watch my friends clean and organize my house.”

However, other people loved Lui’s idea and thought it could be done for non-pregnant friends, too. Someone else also agreed with the nesting party idea, saying they preferred it over sitting for three hours watching someone open presents.

A person who said they were a surrogate lamented about people like her never getting parties and shared how she wished to have a nesting party. Another TikToker preferred Lui’s event over playing games with strangers, while someone else confessed:

“I’m pregnant with my 4th, and why did I never know this was an option?!!”

A person who saw Lui’s clip wondered why nesting parties haven’t “been a thing” and revealed they’d gladly help out their pregnant friends and wished to have one too! A social media user hilariously took it a step further by asking if they could have a nesting party instead of a birthday party!