Helen Hunt Shared New Makeup-Free Photo: At 60, Fans Accused Her of Having Undergone Plastic Surgery

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Helen Hunt felt nostalgic by posting a book based on a film she once starred in. However, some fans concentrated on her appearance, leaving mixed reactions. The veteran award-winning actress posted a selfie holding a book called “Twister” on her Instagram page with more than 500k followers on September 16, 2023.

“Thrifting. #twister #VHS,” Helen captioned her social upload. She had no makeup on and wore her blonde hair down. The star donned a denim jacket with a white top underneath.

Helen’s followers commented on her post, and some complimented her on her barefaced photo. One social media user wrote, “Helen, you look very cool.”

“You are so cute. Then and now,” penned another follower alongside a tornado emoji while referring to “Twister,” the 1996 movie the actress appeared in. Someone else stated, “Still a beauty, Helen,” alongside a heart emoji.

Although some people had something positive to say about Helen’s appearance, others criticized her for her looks and accused her of having work done on her face.

“Why would you do that to your face? You were beautiful before all the plastic surgery,” said one person. Another claimed, “Wow, too much plastic surgery.” One Instagram user penned on the platform, “She looks different to me! Am I just imagining this?” While another curiously asked, “What happened to her face.”

Helen Hunt Is a Divorcee & a Mother of One
Helen is 60 years old and has been married once. She was previously married to fellow actor Hank Azaria, known for voicing several characters in the animated show, “The Simpsons.” The former couple’s marriage was short-lived after tying the knot in July 1999 and divorcing in December 2000.

The actress and director found happiness again when she met producer and writer Matthew Carnahan, with whom she welcomed her daughter Makena, 19, in May 2004.

Helen had her only child at the peak of her acting career after winning an Oscar Award for Best Actress in the 1997 romantic comedy, “As Good as It Gets,” alongside Jack Nicholson and Cuba Gooding Jr.

She spoke candidly about parenthood in a September 2008 interview, saying nothing compares to being a mother to her then four-year-old daughter Makena. She stepped away from the limelight to “get a life” and further expressed:

“I fell in love. I had a daughter.”

Helen and Matthew dated from 2001 to 2017. Although their relationship ended after several years, they still co-parent their now-teenage daughter, Makena. An insider revealed in December 2020 that raising her child with her former partner remains a “top priority” for Helen, even though they do not always get along.

However, the source disclosed that the exes have since moved on as Matthew was dating someone, and Helen was also in a low-key relationship with professional photographer Steven Tepper.

Still, another insider revealed Helen was madly in love with Steven, a former attorney, and hoped that things would work out between them. Hence, she remained mum about their newly found romance.Another source described the former attorney as a “super private” and “regular guy,” adding Helen was not ready to disclose details of their relationship. “She doesn’t want to overwhelm him with the celebrity spotlight,” the insider explained.

The source also divulged that Helen’s daughter was accepting of her new boyfriend, Steven, adding she loved how “happy” he made her. Steven even spent Thanksgiving with his famous girlfriend and her family during that period.

An insider additionally shared that they all looked forward to celebrating the holidays together. At that point, Helen had been dating Steven for “over a year,” and her daughter Makena had reportedly gotten to know him better.The source explained that even though the four-time Emmy Award winner had decided to keep her relationship with Steven under the radar, they were “going strong” then.

In addition, Makena seemed to be smitten with her mother’s significant other, “Makena likes him, and that goes a long way in her book. [Helen] deserves happiness and Steven makes her happy,” revealed the insider.

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