O.J. Simpson Spotted Hobbling along the Streets of Las Vegas All by Himself

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Former NFL star OJ Simpson was acquitted 28 years ago in “The Trial of the Century.” Now, he is frail as he walks through the streets. Fans were shocked to see him.

OJ Simpson was a prolific character in the 1990s because of his murder trial. However, since he was acquitted almost thirty years ago, the former NFL star has maintained a relatively low profile until now.

Where Was Simpson Seen?
Earlier this week, Simpson was seen walking on the streets of Las Vegas with an iPad in hand. He was dressed in a sweatsuit with sneakers and a baseball cap. He appeared frail as he walked.


Former NFL superstar O.J. Simpson was spotted Monday looking frail and limping through the streets of Las Vegas clutching what appeared to be an iPad. Link in bio for more details.

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The former NFL star appeared limping as he walked, and his back was bent. Publications reported that Simpson used a cane to move around while serving time in prison in 2015, but the cane was not present on this walk.After Simpson was released on bail in 2017, he has been seen out and about only a few times, usually at sporting events. He was also seen carrying groceries in October this year when publications reported him looking frail.

Simpson’s Social Media Presence
Although he is rarely seen publicly, Simpson has an excellent social media presence. He often posts videos on X and updates his fans on his life and his opinions about the current state of the NFL.

Simpson’s most recent X video showed him discussing a tactic one of the teams had used. Simpson felt the tactic meant to show the players how to play according to their game plan would only inspire hesitancy.

He ended the three-minute video by giving some advice about the older players in the team and signing off by assuring the team that there was always next week. He then told viewers to take care.

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