Dad-of-3 Rocks Skirt and High Heels to Work, Makes His Wife Proud

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Mark Bryan is a 63-year-old heterosexual man who loves to wear skirts and heels. He got bored of wearing a suit to work every day and found that he enjoyed wearing women’s clothing. For Bryan, clothes have nothing to do with his sexuality, and his wife agrees.Mark Bryan is a 63-year-old husband and father of three who is proud of how he has blended his fashion sense. He finds comfort in rocking a suit, a pencil skirt, and heels.

The father of three is originally from Dallas, US, but lives in Crailsheim, Baden-Württemberg, in Germany. He works as a robotics engineer, and admits, his preference of clothing has nothing to do with his sexuality.

Bryan is a heterosexual, and a happily married man without a binary view of fashion. Bryan explained, “I’m a straight, cis man, and how I dress has nothing to do with sexuality. I love wearing what I wear.”

When Did Mark Bryan Start Wearing Skirts?
Bryan has a muscular body and legs strong enough to walk in heels every day. He said the idea to start changing up his wardrobe came to him when he was shopping with his wife on the weekend.

He realized he had gotten bored of wearing the same suit and tie to the office and wanted to switch things up, so his wife suggested he try on a few dresses.

In 2015, Bryan started by wearing heels with his slacks. His colleagues joked then that he would end up wearing skirts soon. Little did they know that skirts would be a staple in his wardrobe by 2018.The father of three had always been curious about blending women’s and men’s clothing, but the stereotype was that crossing that line would make him gay. However, he reiterated,” I am just an average, normal, straight, and happily married guy.”

Bryan first tried on heels in college and said it felt natural; now, they are part of his everyday attire. In fact, the 63-year-old has a pair of heels for any occasion.

For a casual day, Bryan keeps them short and pairs them with denim jeans, and for a day out in the city, he rocks block heels, which make walking on the cobbled streets a breeze. “The only time I’m not wearing heels is when I’m on the football pitch, as I’m a keen player and coach,” said Bryan.Bryan also loves to juxtapose masculine and feminine clothing and has found that skirts allow him to do so. He explained, “I prefer a ‘masculine’ look above the waist and a non-gendered look below the waist. It’s all about clothes having no gender.”

One person that has always supported his fashion is his wife, who chose not to be named. The proud wife said, “I think Mark would look amazing in anything, but he is my husband, after all. He wears much higher heels than I do, but his legs look much better also.”

Bryan has received support from the most important people in his life. His wife of 11 years often helps him put together outfits, and his daughter wishes she could borrow some of his heels.

After almost a decade of proudly wearing skirts and heels, the father of three said he still gets looks from strangers, but he has gotten used to it.

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