Mom can’t get babysitter so she shows up to jury duty with toddler triplets and a 4-year-old

Jury duty is a civic responsibility that many adults are familiar with. But for a mom of triplets, the summons to serve can present a unique set of challenges.

This was the case for Utah mom, Lindsay Ostler, who recently received a jury duty notice.


Lindsay, a dedicated mother to 4-month-old triplets, was initially taken aback by the summons.

With her hands full, literally and figuratively, she was unsure how she’d manage the responsibility alongside her maternal duties.

The thought of leaving her babies, even for a short period, was daunting.

In a light-hearted attempt to convey her situation, Lindsay decided to pen a letter to the court.

Accompanying her letter, she included a candid photo of herself with her adorable triplets.
The image showcased the lively trio, all in matching outfits, with Lindsay in the center, looking both joyful and overwhelmed.

Her letter read, “As you can see from my attached photo, I am a stay-at-home mom to 4-month-old triplets.

I don’t have the means to care for them while serving on a jury. Please excuse me from jury service.”


The court’s response was both swift and understanding.
Recognizing Lindsay’s unique circumstances, they promptly excused her from her jury duty obligations.

It was a gesture that Lindsay deeply appreciated, given the complexities of her daily life with three infants.

Lindsay’s story, which she shared on social media, resonated with many.
Parents from all walks of life chimed in, sharing their own tales of juggling civic duties with the demands of parenthood.

The post became a platform for parents to exchange stories, advice, and words of encouragement.

While jury duty is an essential part of the democratic process, Lindsay’s experience highlights the need for flexibility and understanding.

Every individual’s circumstances are unique, and sometimes, life presents challenges that require special consideration.

For Lindsay, the experience was a reminder of the power of communication.
By reaching out and sharing her situation, she was able to find a solution that worked for both her family and the court.

As parents across the globe navigate the complexities of raising children, stories like Lindsay’s serve as a testament to the importance of community, understanding, and the occasional need for a little leniency.

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