25-year-old cat can’t contain joy when she reunites with beloved dad

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Pet owners know how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet.

Whether they passed away or went out and never returned, a pet leaves a void in your life once they’re gone, and it never feels the same as when they were there.

Those whose pets passed away may have closure knowing that they’re over the rainbow bridge already, but there’s no hope of seeing them ever again.

However, pet owners whose fur babies got lost somewhere would never have closure until they meet again.


There will always be numerous questions about where they are and how they’re doing or if they’re still alive and surviving.

But there is hope – a hope that they would soon be reunited.

Alison and Dean Lyng didn’t know if they ever see Kizzy again.

Their 25-year-old deaf cat got lost one day and was never seen again.

They were close to giving up hope and wished there was a way to be reunited with Kizzy.

Days passed, and they still hadn’t found her. It was heartbreaking.

Fast forward to late May of this year, an emaciated senior cat was found by a gutter.

She had lots of fleas and was living off scraps that she could find until Natasha McPhee found her and sent her to the nearby shelter.

Her claws also grew very long, making it difficult for her to move around.

The cat wasn’t microchipped, so they thought it was a stray cat.

They took her in and helped her on their road to recovery.

They named that cat Moose who was blind and had quite the appetite.

Despite not being microchipped, Natasha thought this cat might belong to someone else.

She posted a photo of her in the Facebook public group Animals Lost and Found in Kent, hoping social media would do its thing and get the word out.

Thankfully, Alison saw that post and instantly recognized their cat Kizzy.

She never thought that they would see her again after two years. All hope was not lost because they finally got to be reunited with their beloved pet.

They went to the shelter to take little Kizzy back into their lives.

After her ticks were out and she was deemed 100% healthy, it was time to go home.

Natasha updated her post, saying she had already found the humans who owned Moose, who she later learned was named Kizzy.

It’s incredible how this cat, who is 116 in human years, survived the outside world and was safely reunited with her owners.

Alison shared this video of Dean and Kizzy happily reunited in each other’s arms.

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