Man Tries To Rape Woman

A man in North Charleston, South Carolina, received his just desserts. A female victim fought against a teenage teenager who tried to sexually assault her after he broke into her home with malicious intent. The sexual predator’s tongue was cut by the South Carolina woman when she bit down on it in an attempt to force it down her throat.

The lady, who is 33 years old, reported to the police that the man broke into her house. She reported the attack to the police as soon as it happened. She explained that the man had repeatedly knocked on her door. She opened the door to check who was outside each time she heard someone knocking, but she was never met.

The passionate youngster was standing there with a white-handled knife on the last knock. With a look of rage in his eyes, he pushed his chest forward to prevent her from slamming the door on him.

But when he was there, poised in the doorframe, knife in hand, ready to draw blood, she attempted and cried out, “No!”

He forced his way inside the house after breaking through the door and threatening the woman with the knife. He then gave her multiple punches and gave her the command to “quit fighting, and I won’t hurt you.”The woman was then pushed into her bedroom by the man using his knife. She kicked him in the groin when he attempted to take off her underwear.

Then he pressed his tongue against her lips. However, the woman was far from done fighting. She boldly “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap,” holding the knife up to her mouth.

The man writhed in agony as he drew away. He was still biting the woman’s tongue. She bolted downstairs, dropping the chewed-out muscle into the kitchen floor. She then tried to flee by running to her car. After driving to a nearby business, she made a police call. She had to get away from the criminal as quickly as possible, so she left her phone and iPad at home.