High School Football Coach Wins Legal Battle, Returns To Team After Being Fired For Praying

A wonderful story has been unfolding in the world of high school football as Joe Kennedy, Head Coach of the Bremerton High School Football team, has returned to the field after being fired for leading his team in prayer. Christians all around the globe are treating this as both a win for religious freedom and for First Amendment rights in America.

In an interview with KING 5 Seattle, Kennedy talked about his battle to get back onto the field with his team. He also shared a thank you to the fans all around the nation who offered him support as he took his case through trial after trial.

He said, “It’s been a long road and many heartbreaking years, but it’s great that it’s finally worked out. But it’s been tough. To everybody that’s been supporting me and praying for me across the United States, I mean, that was millions of people. That’s what kept me going and kept me in this fight.”

Coach Kennedy also spoke on air with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham as he described his emotional return to high school football. On top of returning to his dream job, Joe Kennedy is receiving a $1.7 million settlement following the attacks against his First Amendment rights.

This win for Joe Kennedy is a huge win for Christian Americans everywhere who see their religion more frequently coming under attack in the media and with Liberal politicians.