Angry Fans Say They Will Never Watch Jeopardy Again

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Jeopardy! enthusiasts are up in arms over significant alterations planned for the show’s upcoming Season 40. Showrunner Michael Davies recently divulged these modifications on an episode of “Inside Jeopardy!” While the changes are intended to ensure the show’s continuation amid an ongoing Writers Guild strike, they have stirred a storm of disapproval among devoted fans.

The impending Season 40 of Jeopardy! is set to feature recycled questions, the return of previous players, and an increase in minimum winnings. One of the most notable modifications announced is the inclusion of a ‘second chance tournament for players from Season 37 who lost their initial game’ in the season premiere. Despite Davies insisting that these changes are equitable, reactions on social media, especially Twitter, have been overwhelmingly negative, with several fans vowing to boycott the show in protest.

Former Jeopardy! contestant James Holzhauer has been one of the most vocal critics of the impending changes. He expressed his dissatisfaction by stating, “I will stop watching Jeopardy. (Really, just show encores of Tournaments of Champions. When the strike ends, start production again.)” Another viewer shared similar sentiments, expressing concerns about the potential second-rate experience for “scab” contestants who will have to deal with recycled clues and asterisks next to their victories.

Many fans are echoing their frustration, with some indicating that they won’t watch the show without the actual writers. A sense of disappointment and nostalgia is palpable as another fan mentioned, “Well… canceling my DVR as I type this. So long, Alex would never.” Additionally, a call to rerun old episodes until the strike is resolved has gained traction among fans, emphasizing their support for the writers and the original Jeopardy! experience.

The changes were introduced amid the backdrop of the ongoing Writers Guild strike, which has brought much of Hollywood and the TV industry to a halt. While former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings will continue to host, his colleague Mayim Bialik has decided to step back in solidarity with the striking writers. However, neither Jennings nor Bialik has issued any formal statements regarding these changes.

The alterations to the show’s content will involve a combination of material scripted before the WGA strike and recycled material from earlier seasons. Despite the assurance that the show will continue, fans remain skeptical about the quality and authenticity of the upcoming episodes.

The fan outrage is not solely about the show’s format but also about the current state of the entertainment industry, with writers demanding better treatment and rights. Jeopardy! is not immune to the broader issues that have led to this strike, and fans’ reactions serve as a reflection of their concern for the industry as a whole.

Notably, James Holzhauer’s critique is rooted in his personal history with the show. He achieved a remarkable 32-game winning streak during Season 35 and even donated a portion of his substantial $2.4 million winnings to a pancreatic cancer walk in honor of the late host, Alex Trebek, who had publicly battled the disease. Holzhauer also emerged victorious in the Tournament of Champions in 2019, further cementing his status as a Jeopardy! legend. Despite his accomplishments, he faced defeat in the subsequent “Greatest of All Time Tournament,” where he came up against fellow contestants Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings.

The premiere of Jeopardy! Season 40 is scheduled for September 11 at 7:30 pm ET. As fans brace for these changes, their reactions continue to underscore the show’s impact and its unique place in television history. Whether the alterations will bring a renewed vitality to the show or lead to further discontent remains to be seen, but for now, the Jeopardy! community is certainly not short of opinions.

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