Heartwarming Tribute to Selfless Women Who Have Fallen During Service to the Nation

It takes a selfless person to serve the United States Armed Forces. You have to be brave, strong, and willing to fight for your country even if it means giving your life. A tribute video was released that is dedicated to the young women who have fallen in the line of duty.

For those who haven’t served time in the military, it can be hard to understand the concept of laying down your life for your friend during a war. These strong and powerful women made incredible sacrifices that we can never payback.

Over the years, they faced terrorism, frightening sleepless nights, and more, so that we can live freely. This video brings honor and respect to several women who have paid the ultimate price over the last 18 years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We must never forget what these women did during their life and the cause that they died for. We should give thanks for the selfless acts that they faced every day, and they always chose to keep on fighting, and so shall we.






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