Grandson Devotes All His Time Caring for Grandma, 96, So Family Won’t Send Her to Care Home

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It’s natural for parents and grandparents to prioritize their kids’ and grandkids’ well-being above all else. But expecting the same sentiments from youngsters may sound too far-fetched! Fortunately, one young man has been breaking stereotypes, thanks to his beautiful heart.

Chris Punsalan is a young lad who often shares glimpses from his life on Instagram. Believed to be in his 20s, he’s a musician and content producer. However, something else has become an inseparable part of his formal and informal introduction.

For the past couple of years, Punsalan has gladly taken on the role of a full-time carer to an extraordinary person—someone he loves and cherishes with every fiber of his being. Let’s take a look at his incredibly heartwarming story!

Although Punsalan is at an age where many would prefer a carefree and vibrant lifestyle, his heart is set on something else. Instead of hanging out with friends, pursuing romantic relationships, and running after his dreams, he’s taken an entirely different path in life.

Punsalan has been sharing pictures with his adorable lola since 2014.

Punsalan has been looking after his beloved lola (grandmother) for nearly seven years, with nothing but utmost dedication and love. Owing to the strong family system he grew up in, the young man decided to repay the lady who was a constant presence in his life.

Growing up, Punsalan said his grandma was always there for him; it was only fair that he returned the favor when she needed him the most. His social media profiles are peppered with photos of his lovely granny, offering a welcome respite from the daily doom and gloom.

From sharing sneak peeks from his daily routine as a caregiver to heart-melting stories of his granny’s youth—Punsalan’s Instagram updates are pure treats to watch! But behind the scenes, becoming a full-time carer hasn’t been an easy feat for the young man.

While Punsalan doesn’t regret his job, he has admitted to experiencing bouts of extreme isolation at times.The kind young man performs various tasks requiring mental, physical, and emotional energy. They also capture the unique bond he shares with his grandma.

Punsalan has been sharing pictures with his adorable lola since 2014. He decided to become her caregiver after realizing he was in a position to take on the responsibility. When asked why he wanted to care for her, Punsalan replied:

“Everybody else was working and I’d rather just take care of grandma because she took care of me [since I was young boy] and I don’t want to see her in home-care.”

Because of Punsalan’s efforts, his grandma has been able to stay home instead of spending the winter of her life in a home for the aged. The thoughtful grandson has looked after her without a frown and even spoils her with hugs, kisses, and other loving gestures.

Punsalan is gentle with the elderly woman, lifting her in his arms from her wheelchair to the bed and vice versa. He has even shared handy tips for caregivers, owing to his personal experience with his grandma.

Chris Punsalan kisses his grandma’s hand. | Source:

It wasn’t until 2019 that Punsalan’s showcasing a typical day in the life of a caregiver went viral. After that, netizens discovered more of his content and learned how deeply affectionate he was toward his grandmother.

The young man was so delighted with the overwhelming response that he began sharing more content online. In one of his, he celebrated his lola’s 90th birthday.

Later, it was revealed that his family moved to America from the Philippines, where his grandma was a teacher for two decades. Punsalan was close to his Kapampangan granny from childhood, and their connection has only strengthened over time.

Chris Punsalan combs his grandma’s hair. | Source:

The dedicated grandson’s have inspired many netizens to follow in his footsteps. Punsalan noted how his mom worried about his grandma’s ailing health.

Even for him, seeing his strong and independent lola become so fragile and dependent on others was difficult. Determined to offer her immense love and support, Punsalan didn’t hesitate to step up and become his gran’s primary carer.

Chris Punsalan helps his grandma brush her teeth. | Source:

Although it was challenging to manage everything at first,has adjusted well over time and loves his job. He describes his grandmother as the most grateful and loving soul he’s ever known, who always thanks people for their kind gestures.

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