Grandparents Re-Mortgaged Their Home for Grandkid’s Law School — She Finally Sees Her Bar Results

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Seren Lewis is a British law student who has been documenting the final days of her time at university. As she wrapped up her education life, Seren expressed gratitude to her biggest supporters, her grandparents.

In one of her TikTok videos, Seren thanked her grandparents for taking her in when she was only two years old. They sacrificed a lot for her and decided to retire early so they could look after their granddaughter. Seren appreciated her grandparents’ selfless actions, in support of her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Serena Finds Out If She Will Become a Lawyer
Nonetheless, the law student left her followers emotional watching her Tik Tok video and the moment she learned whether she passed the bar or not.

In the clip, Seren sat between her grandparents with her laptop in front of them. She had already started getting emotional even before getting the verdict, but her grandmother clicked the button on her behalf.

In no time, the law student screamed with joy and started crying after learning she had passed. Her grandparents hugged her as they held back their tears of pride.In the caption of her video, Seren admitted the accomplishment would not have been possible without her grandparents’ sacrifices for her to receive the best education. She described it as “the most selfless act anyone could have done for me.”

She also revealed that her grandparents decided to remortgage the house they had already paid for to be able to pay for her education, “… without that, I would not be where I am today,” she added.

As Seren and her family cried, people in the comments section said they also got emotional from her reaction. Many congratulated Seren for reaping the benefits of her hard work and praised her grandparents for being “Amazing people.”

While others were happy to see her celebrate, commenters confessed that they did not understand why her grandparents had to re-mortgage their home for her to become a barista until they read that she was actually wanting to be a barrister—not the same thing.Nonetheless, Seren received a lot of love from her followers. “Congratulations, you and your grandparents deserve the world,” said one user. “I am literally crying for you,” added another.

How Seren Prepared for the Bar
Before the 22-year-old shared her big news, she had already been documenting her final days at university and capturing the last-minute preparations for her examination.

In one video, she mentioned that she was about to start “hell week,” which was the examinations week for law students.

She said she had been pulling 10 to 12 hours of revision days to prepare for the final three examinations that would qualify her as a lawyer.Seren admitted that the intensity of the exams was “horrific” and that she had woken up feeling sick from the long days of studying she had been having. One of the clips also showed her struggling to get food down.

After completing her first examination, she reflected on the paper and the number of questions she was certain of. But overall, she believed it went well. However, she worried about the second one of the week as she did not feel prepared enough for it.

She showed herself staying up till the wee hours of the morning to finish her studying. Despite how difficult it was, Seren did her best to pass.Finally, it came to her last examination and her last day as a university student. The third one also went well since she revealed that she finished before the given time period.

Seren took her final exam wearing a black suit, with her hair pulled back and minimal makeup. After she got out, she celebrated the milestone with her friends.

Seren wrapped up her five years of law school, and even though it was bittersweet to end a journey that she had enjoyed so much, she knew it was time for a change.Seren will continue to make her grandparents proud as she enters the real world and starts her new chapter as a lawyer.

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