7 Best Lipstick Colors That Will Make You Look Younger & Fresher

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If there’s one makeup product every woman should have in their purse, it’s lipstick. From the moment little girls understand what it means to put makeup to senior citizens who want to freshen up their looks, lipstick is always the go-to product.Using the right lipstick color makes you look radiant, classy, and sophisticated. It is the perfect confidence booster regardless of whether you’re out for errands or attending an event.

Are you ready to look younger and fresher? Here are the seven best lipstick colors to make you look youthful and glowing:


If you’d like to go for a more sultry look, Brick, which has a coral-orange combination, will give you a darker yet brighter look. A Brick lip color could stand alone, but it’d also make a gorgeous addition to expressive smokey eyeshadow and vibrant cheek blush.


Look fresh like a Barbie doll with Fucshia Pink lipstick. Having a bright pink lip would perk up even the most casual of outfits.For those with gray hair, having a bright fuchsia pink lip could elevate your style and make you look refreshed and glowing! Take Jane Fonda’s Cannes Film Festival 2023 look as inspiration for future use.


Coral lipstick shades have been all the rave in the past couple of years. It’s a color that suits every undertone!

For those with cool undertones, choose a coral lipstick with a pink base. Meanwhile, those with warm undertones can opt for coral lipstick with more orange undertones.


A plum or berry-colored lipstick looks lovely on any skin tone. When it comes to picking the right raspberry-colored lipstick for you, choose what complements your personality best!

Pinkish Nude

It’s not every day you’d want to wear a bold color on your lips. On days you want to tone it down, a Pinkish Nude color will give you that neutral yet refreshing look.


Some people are intimidated by red lipstick. It’s a color that’s bound to draw a lot of attention!

However, this is your sign to give it a try. You simply can’t go wrong with Red lipstick.

It’s a bold color that looks gorgeous and ageless. It will add a certain depth to your looks and will leave you looking confident, sophisticated, and full of character.


If you have a warm skin tone, wearing a Peach lipstick will complement your color. Whether you’d like to keep your look simple or would like to elevate it a notch, wearing Peach-colored lipstick will do just the trick.

Now that you have a list of colors that you should add to your lipstick collection, let’s talk about formula. While a creamy, matte look is suitable for every day, you can go for a richer cream formula on days you’re feeling extra dramatic.Lipstick for everyday use can stand alone, but if you’d like to elevate your look up a notch, buying a matching lipliner will help define your lips. This is extra handy for those with thinner lips, as it’ll help you keep your lipstick on your lips alone and not on the skin around it.

If you’re in doubt about a particular shade you have, wait to throw it out! Mixing shades is a fun way to get your desired lip color. Either mix two shades or top off a shade with a lip gloss, and you’re good to go.

Sometimes, some shades complement colored hair a lot better, too. For gray-haired ladies, coral-colored and raspberry-colored shades are perfect to keep you looking youthful and vibrant.

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