Department Store Takes Stand Against “Happy Holidays” Will Say “Merry Christmas” Instead

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Retailers are leaning towards “Merry Christmas” over “Happy Holidays” to connect authentically with customers during the festive season. Several department stores stand out in this trend:

Hobby Lobby & Belk: Embrace “Merry Christmas” wholeheartedly, reflecting their dedication to the holiday’s traditional spirit and Christian values.

Nordstrom & Macy’s: Both adopt unique approaches. Nordstrom transforms after Thanksgiving, while Macy’s extends Christmas celebrations beyond its iconic parade.

Home Depot & Wal-Mart: Align their brands with a Christmas-friendly image by incorporating “Christmas” in their marketing and in-store signage, earning praise for embracing the festive spirit.

JCPenney & Bass Pro Shops: Adapt their approach, emphasizing traditional Christmas celebrations, aligning with customer preferences.

Lowe’s & Toys ‘R Us: Display a Christmas-centric theme. Lowe’s, often dubbed a “Christmas city,” and even Toys ‘R Us, with its annual “Christmas Catalog,” enthusiastically embrace the holiday.

These shifts reflect a broader societal trend of openly acknowledging and celebrating cultural traditions. It’s a conscious effort by retailers to foster a more personal and traditional connection with customers during the holiday season, enhancing the festive atmosphere and the sense of togetherness.

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