Baby pig was tossed around like a football during Mardi Gras parade — now he’s being rescued

Mardi Gras is a time of partying and celebration for many, but it wasn’t a very happy occasion for one young pig, who reportedly got tossed around like a football by three men at a parade.

But now, this poor pig is in better hands and is going to a new home…

According to the Humane Society of Louisiana, a bystander saw three men tossing around what appeared at first to be a football near the New Orleans Mardi Gras parade.

The bystander was horrified after seeing the object they were throwing around wasn’t a football, but a weeks-old baby pig, who was reportedly “terrified.” The bystander asked if he could take the piglet, and the men consented.

The pig was then taken in by the Humane Society of Louisiana, who said he was resting at their vet clinic, decompressing and receiving his vaccinations. The rescued animal’s foster mom named him “Piglet.”

Facebook/Jeff Dorson

The Humane Society started a fundraiser for Piglet’s care, selling “digital kisses” and have nearly reached their fundraising goal of $1,800. Piglet was reportedly not injured in the incident.

The news about Piglet soon spread, and many were horrified about his cruel treatment — and soon found a home with Louisiana State Representative Lauren Ventrella.

According to, Ventrella owns a 14-acre farm 20 minutes outside Baton Rouge; it’s home to other animals including sheep, goats, miniature donkeys, emus and even a 100-year-old tortoise.

“When I heard Piglet’s story and his plight as a mistaken Mardi Gras throw, I knew he belonged on my farm and that he deserved a better life,” Rep. Ventrella said in a statement statement. “I ran for the legislature to be a voice for those who are most vulnerable, and Piglet’s story is a good reminder to always be kind, even to the least of these.”

In his new home, Piglet will have plenty of room to grow — while he’s just a baby now, he will grow up to weigh about 80 pounds.

Ventrella told CBS News that she also has an 11-year-old big named Winston on her farm, so Piglet will have a “brother.”

According to WAFB, Piglet is also going to be ceremonially “pardoned” by Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser at a ceremony on Wednesday.

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would treat a baby pig like that, but we’re so glad Piglet has a great new home!

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