A mother of 4 kids shows how childhood without TV and gadgets look like in a series of breathtaking photos!

Niki Boon started photography as a hobby while living in Scotland. Eventually she had to give up the hobby due to life’s challenges.

Her passion for photography has been ignited again after she settled in the rural areas of New Zealand and having given birth to 4 children.

Boon started watching her children’s interaction with the nature and the way they deal with the world that surrounds them, and it became a source of inspiration for her art.

Niki called the photo series of her children without technology – “Pure childhood”.

And these are the images that amazed us the most:

“My kids live without TV and modern electronic devices”

“Its a lifestyle that may look weird for most people..”

“.. but I am so happy that I’ve chosen to live in this place with my family”

“I picture their day in an environment full of nature and plays that never stop..”

“It’s a physical documentary of their childhood. Life as it is..”


“.. which is also a reflection of my own childhood”

“.. times when I enjoyed a total freedom”

“This is a childhood I can now pass to my kids”

“They run and play wherever they want and live in harmony with nature”