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I had an accident and slipped into a coma, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because my wife and her concubine had been behind it. She hoped I would not come out of it alive, but I did.

“Will I die today?” that was the thought I had running through my head as I kept hitting my car’s brakes. I had been speeding down the highway in an attempt to return to my wife Elaine, who had called to tell me there was an intruder in our home.

I had accelerated up to 80 km/hr when a young redhead boy stumbled across the road. I tried the brakes and had gotten no response, so to avoid hitting the boy who had literally come out of nowhere, I swerved hard, and my vehicle rolled over a few times, after which I lost consciousness.

I was involved in a serious accident and got into a coma after | Source: Shutterstock

The next time I became aware, I was in a hospital. I felt pain all over my body, and I couldn’t seem to open my eyes even though I was well aware of all that was happening around me. My mouth was unresponsive as well, even though I tried a few times to talk.

For a long time, all I heard was the beep beep beep of the machines I was hooked up to. The nurses came by to take my vitals and make sure I was stable, but after they left, there was nothing I could do, so I kept trying to get my body faculties to work.

Several hours passed when I heard someone enter my ward. I once again tried to open my eyes, but nothing happened. The person who entered smelled familiar, and when she spoke, I confirmed it was my wife.

I heard someone enter my ward who turned out to be my wife | Source: Shutterstock

I was overjoyed but could not show it. It was a harrowing experience. I expected to hear her sob over the extent of my injuries, but instead, I heard her dial a number. When whoever she had called picked up, her words shocked me.

“John did not die, baby,” she said. “I should have known that the mechanic I paid to tamper with his brakes would do a terrible job.” I could not hear what the other person said to Elaine, but she replied with a laugh.

“Don’t worry dear,” she said. “John is a vegetable right now and the doctor says it is likely he will remain that way.”

My wife called someone and I heard their shocking conversation | Source: Pexels

I was disheartened, and I felt betrayed. At that moment, I tried with all my might to get my body working again, but I was unsuccessful. My wife left after some minutes, but the impact of what I’d learned stayed with me.

After an hour, I heard the door to my ward open again, and this time I heard a young child talk. “Is this the man who saved my life?” he asked.

“Yes he is Arthur,” another voice, an older feminine one, replied. “Say thank you.”

“Thank you sir,” the boy promptly said. “I hope you get better soon.”

The woman took hold of my hand and sobbed as she said her thanks. It was the boy’s mother, and she had come to show her gratitude for my heroic act. I felt a little better for the first time that day.

The little boy and his mother came to show gratitude to me at the hospital | Source: Unsplash

The two kept coming to visit me every day, maybe out of guilt, but it seemed more like it was some form of appreciation. She cleaned me and made sure I remained presentable by shaving my growing stubble.

Each time she came, she brought me a novel she read to me in her lilting musical voice, and I found myself yearning to open my eyes just to see what she looked like. She had introduced herself one day as Jenna, but I didn’t know what she looked like.

It was pure torture every day except when she came by, and I found myself falling in love with her. My wife had not bothered to visit me even once after the first day, and I knew she was probably out somewhere spending my hard-earned money.

I knew my wife was probably out somewhere spending my hard-earned money | Source: Pexels

About two months later, Jenna and her son visited me with sad news. They were moving to another town to live with her mother because they had run into some debt. She had come to say goodbye and wished me a complete recovery.

As she told me about her planned move, my heart broke, and I started to feel genuine panic. I did not want her gone. A single tear slipped out of my eye. I was helpless.

She saw the teardrop and went to get the doctor. They returned together and kept coaxing me to open my eyes. I eventually did because I desperately wanted to see her.

She called the doctor to check on me until I opened my eyes | Source: Pexels

When I did, she was genuinely happy, and I fell deeper in love with her. The doctor asked if I wanted to contact my wife immediately, but I told him I would like to surprise her. I had a plan.

An hour after I woke, I asked the nurse to call and tell her I had passed. When she heard, she rushed over to confirm, and when she learned I’d been moved to the morgue, she immediately flipped out her phone and excitedly told the man on the line, “Our plan worked!”

Unknown to her, I was watching, and as she ended the call, I revealed myself to her. She was so scared she screamed, “Ghost!”

My wife was shocked and scared when I revealed myself | Source: Pexels

It was hilarious, but I did not laugh when I told her I no longer wanted anything to do with her. I revealed my intention to divorce her, which meant she would not be able to inherit my property.

I also let her know that I would have her put behind bars if she attempted to do more damage. She tried to beg, but I told her about how I’d heard her phone call on the day I was admitted to the hospital. That shut her up, and she left quickly, afraid I would change my mind.

I helped Jenna get rid of her debt, and we started dating afterward. I now enjoy spending time with her and her kid Arthur, and we live together in bliss.

I enjoyed spending time with Jenna and her kid, Arthur | Source: Pexels

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