3 brothers, all under the age of 5, are battling cancer. Let’s show them our support

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A family from Atlanta, United States are currently facing an extremely tough battle – all three of their sons suffering from Retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer. The youngest child is only six months old and has just begun six months of chemotherapy.

Five years ago, Angie and Aaron Rush’s eldest son, Tristen, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. He was only a few weeks old when Angie and Aaron were updated that he was sick. He immediately began a series of treatments at a children’s hospital.

Two years later, Angie gave birth to Caison, and the family had to go through the same process they had with Tristen. Caison was only one week old when he began the treatment.

Then, just six months ago, their youngest son Carter was born. On January 6, the discovered that Carter also had retinoblastoma in both eyes.

Although most people would think this coincidence is impossible, it’s actually not such a big surprise. Angie had a retinoblastoma when she was a baby and lost her left eye when she was six weeks old. She knew there was a 50 percent chance that she would pass the disease on to her children.

“I feel guilty because I knew it was something I could pass on to them. But I also know that I was blessed”, Angie said.

Although Carter has just begun the process of chemotherapy treatments, the family is optimistic about the children’s future.

“They are fighters”, said Jean Rush, the children’s grandmother. The family has set up a fundraiser to help raise funds to pay for the medical bills that are stacked while all three children are in treatment.

We pray that these children will heal and that the family will receive the financial support they need.

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