Woman sparks debate after choosing not to leave her daughter around men, including male family members

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A young mother is choosing to approach parenting in a pretty unique way, focusing her children’s autonomy and safety.

Despite facing criticism from others, she is sticking to her guns and is determined to uphold her unconventional parenting rules as her children grow.

Audrey, a proud mother of two, took to TikTok to share the parenting rules she follows, which some people may find unusual…

Never leaving her daughter alone with a male
Audrey’s top rule is non-negotiable: she says never leaves her young daughter alone with a male, even if they are family members. This means no sleepovers and no unsupervised interactions with male relatives. “I don’t care if you’re the grandparent, the uncle, or the cousin,” she said.

She mentioned that there is only one person she trusts 100% to care for her children when she’s not around, and that’s her own mother, who raised her.

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Treating her kids equally
Audrey is committed to treating both her daughter and son equally. This means applying the same rules and expectations to both of them, including curfews when they are older. She firmly believes that respect should not be imposed on her children; instead, they should be taught to stand up for themselves.

Audrey expects her children to be open and honest with her. She made it clear that anyone who tries to win her children’s favor by asking them to keep secrets or offering them banned treats will not be tolerated. Her kids are not obliged to hug, kiss, or sit on the laps of relatives if they don’t want to, as she accepts their right to express their opinions and emotions.

In addition to these rules, Audrey practices certain habits, such as giving her children “mental health days” to help them regulate their emotions. She says she explores alternative and natural methods of healing before resorting to Western medicine when they are sick.Audrey values leading by example, teaching her children to set boundaries, say no, and stand up for themselves. She wants to maintain a positive self-image and avoid making negative comments about her appearance or body image, especially in front of her impressionable young daughter.

While her unique parenting methods received mixed reactions, Audrey says she couldn’t care less, as she prefers to keep her children safe by following the parenting approaches she believes in.

One person said of Audrey’s daughter: “She will definitely rebel.”

“After getting into true crime, these are all valid, especially no sleepovers,” someone else added.She explained that she is careful about protecting her children’s privacy online and ensuring their safety from potential predators.

Ultimately, Audrey is determined to raise her children according to her principles, regardless of what others think. After all, as their mother, she knows what is best for them.

What do you think about this unique parenting style? Let us know in the comments!

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