Woman makes a living by renting out her ‘handy’ husband for $45 an hour

Laura started their handyman business in mid-2022 but it’s not just any handyman business.
Laura has been renting out James, her husband’s, handyman skills for £40 an hour since January 2022, and they are booked until November.

In fact, they are swamped with customers that they’ve had to turn down jobs.

It all started out from a podcast that Laura listened to about a man who earned money by assembling furniture for other people.

Wait a minute!


Her husband knows more skills, like furniture building, woodworking, installation, and more. Maybe they can do it, too.

Laura talked to James, who loved the idea, and they launched “Rent my handy husband” immediately.

Laura started out by posting James’ services on Facebook and the Nextdoor app.

They got their first call almost immediately and before they knew it, they even had job requests from people who lived 150 miles (240km) away.

It’s safe to say their business is booming.

In fact, their “Rent a handy husband” business was so successful, James was able to quit his job.
James is now able to focus on the business full-time plus he can spend more time with his wife and their three children, two of which were diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum.

And, in fact, James was also diagnosed on the autism spectrum four years ago.

His diagnosis is most likely the reason he loves construction and building.
“He’s got a very methodical mind and can think outside the box. He sees things differently,” Laura described her husband.

Because of his love for building, James has created multiple projects around the home.

It’s time to do the same for other people’s homes.
While Laura takes care of the marketing, and the bookings, James takes care of the jobs.

He has already completed different types of jobs, including “flat pack assembly to designing and building dining tables, installing kitchens, building pantries, assembling various sized trampolines, home improvements, and more.”

They even offer gardening services.

Man, James really can do almost everything!

This is definitely a big help for his clients who don’t have the time to do it anymore.

Laura and James still can’t believe that the business boomed as much as it had.
They are very grateful though because now, they have more time for the family.

James used to work night shifts and Laura is the only parent present at night.

But now, she won’t be as outnumbered as before because James is with them at night now.

And because they’ve lived through it in the past, they have special discounts for people over 65 years old, NHS and emergency services workers, disabled people, and caregivers.
“We know what it’s like to be parents of children with special needs,” Laura shared. “We’ve known what it’s like to struggle for money or have to save.”

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