Woman buys abandoned lighthouse – now take a peek inside as she opens the door $300K later

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be inspired whenever you watch TV shows centered around people buying decaying properties for cheap and fixing them up to realize their full potential.

There’s just something about the rags to riches framework of such projects; watching someone renovate and restore an incredible home makes for great viewing.

Which is why one woman’s decision to purchase the Fairport Harbor West Lighthouse in Fairport Harbor, Ohio really caught my eye…

According to reports, 65-year-old Sheila Consaul knew very well what she was getting into when she bought the abandoned lighthouse for $71,000.

By all accounts the building has plenty of historical significance, while its rather unique structure was exactly what Sheila was looking for when she sought to buy a summer home for herself. Her primary residence is in Ashburn, Virginia, but her interest peaked when she heard that the government was in the process of auctioning off lighthouses.

Credit – YouTube / CNBC Make It

As stated, Sheila was well aware that the property needed extensive repairs if it was to serve as any sort of home, but with the help of an equity loan she was able to give herself a budget of $200,000.

As is so often the case, however, costs soon began to spiral. Broken windows, crumbling walls, and new paint were just the start, and before long the costs were rising.

Added to that were the logistical problems of making the necessary home improvements. Sheila’s lighthouse is located in a state park and not accessible by car. Each trip to the property means a half-mile walk across sandy beaches, while larger items had to be transported by boat and then lifted via a crane onto the lighthouse platform.

Credit – YouTube / CNBC Make It

According to reports, the building is also off the grid, meaning a complete electrical overhaul was needed, as well as a gasoline-powered generator.

Ultimately, though, problems with home renovations are there to be overcome, and with enough determination and, err… financial aid, nothing is truly impossible.

Today, almost $300K later, Sheila’s lighthouse now has a full kitchen and a cozy living room. Sheila’s done her best to preserve some elements from the original building, including a cast iron staircase.

Credit – YouTube / CNBC Make It

All told, the building now has three bedrooms, a fully-restored bathroom, solar panels and a wind turbine.

The lighthouse beacon, meanwhile, is maintained by the Coast Guard, who turn it on each evening and switch it off at dawn.

Watch the video below to see a tour of Sheila’s fantastic summer home: