Woman, 63, and Husband, 26, Overjoyed About Welcoming Their First Baby – Then Devastating Update Hits

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A love story defying convention took a devastating turn. A couple on a joyous journey to parenthood through surrogacy shared their elation with the world, only to face a heartbreaking betrayal that shattered their dreams.

In a heartwarming yet controversial love story, 63-year-old Cheryl McGregor and her 26-year-old husband, Quran McCain, have captured the internet’s attention with their unique relationship and recent journey towards parenthood.

The couple, who have faced significant stigma due to their 37-year age gap, shared their joy and excitement about expecting their first child through surrogacy.

However, their journey took a heartbreaking turn, leaving them and their followers devastated.

Cheryl and Quran’s relationship has been a topic of fascination and controversy since they first went public. They met when Quran was just 15 years old, though their relationship was strictly platonic at that time.

Eight years later, they reconnected at a petrol station, sparking a romance that led to their marriage.

Despite facing criticism and trolling online due to their age gap, the couple has remained steadfast in their love, showcasing their life together on social media platforms.

Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain, as seen in a video dated August 27, 2023 | Source: leolove_3

“We have a 37-year age gap, I’m 63 and he’s 26 okay and people don’t really, know what to think about us but we’re real we’re happy we’re living life,” Cheryl said.

Their unconventional relationship has been met with both support and harsh judgment. Quran, who is pansexual, has frequently addressed the stigma they face.

He explained what annoys him the most is when people say Cheryl “groomed” him. He stated:

“For one, I told you about my past. I used to date men, so how could she groom me when I was in a relationship with other people? She was married at the time.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl, a mother of seven children all older than Quran, also faced rejection from most of her children, with only one daughter accepting the relationship.

However, she stated that she doesn’t care if the rest of her children don’t approve of her relationship with Quran.

While talking about their relationship, the couple revealed they were happy with their intimate life. Quran confessed that Cheryl was the first woman he had ever gotten intimate with, but she had no idea about it then.

The couple revealed they get intimate frequently, but Cheryl takes pills to prevent cramping. However, that doesn’t affect their love for each other.

While speaking about her bond with her much younger husband, Cheryl revealed her thoughts regarding cheating. She said:

“I give him what he wants. He’s happy, and I don’t have any doubt that he’ll ever cheat on me. I swear I do not.”

Cheryl and Quran have been quite active on Instagram. They frequently keep their followers updated with what’s happening in their lives.

In one such post, Cheryl wrote a heartwarming message for her husband on their second wedding anniversary.

“Thank God he knew what he was doing when he put you in my life to make it complete,” she stated. “So, here we are three years as a couple and two years happy in a loving and caring marriage.”

In another post, Cheryl and Quran announced that they were expecting their first child via surrogacy, unaware of how their lives would soon take an unexpected turn.

Cheryl McGregor holding her ultrasound results, as seen in a clip dated May 21, 2024 | Source: Instagram/therealoliver6060

Due to Cheryl’s age, they opted for a surrogate to carry the baby, using Quran’s sperm but not Cheryl’s eggs.

The couple shared their excitement and anticipation through numerous updates on Instagram, delighting in the prospect of becoming parents.

In a video dated June 12, 2024, Cheryl joyfully displayed an ultrasound photo, stating, “We got pictures of our baby and that is starting to develop now. So, it looks like a baby now! And it is so adorable.”

Quran McCain and Cheryl McGregor talking about the ultrasound scan, as seen in a clip dated June 12, 2024 | Source: instagram.com/therealoliver6060

Quran added, “Our baby is forming healthy, doesn’t have Down’s syndrome. We’ll find out the gender next week. And it’s pretty amazing.”

Their excitement grew as they approached the gender reveal.

On June 18, 2024, Cheryl and Quran shared another video, enthusiastically discussing their plans for the gender reveal.

Cheryl said, “In two days, we are going to find out the gender. And then we are going to have the gender reveal on the 29th of June.”

Quran echoed her excitement, adding:

“I can’t wait. I’m so excited.”

However, their happiness was short-lived.

On June 23, 2024, Quran posted a heartbreaking video revealing that the surrogate mother had decided to keep the baby.

Visibly distraught and crying, he shared the emotional turmoil they had been experiencing.

“For the last two weeks, I’ve been going through hell,” he said. “All I want is a family and a healthy baby, but I can’t have it. It started on Father’s Day, woke up to a text at 6 in the morning telling me, ‘I don’t wanna do this anymore.’”

Quran detailed the involvement of the surrogate’s mother, who had not previously been part of the surrogacy agreement.

He expressed his frustration and sorrow, saying, “Her mom is trying to come into the picture when she has nothing to do with the whole surrogacy. She thinks me and Cheryl do this for likes and views. Lady, you’ve never taken out one day out of your time to meet us. You don’t know nothing about us.”

The heartbreaking video sparked an outpouring of support on Quran’s Instagram page. One user said:

“Omg I’m so sorry y’all are going through it. It’s good you are allowing yourself to feel. Don’t lose faith! I’m praying for you and Cheryl.”

Another commenter offered more pragmatic advice: “First, Stop!! Pray about the situation and give it to God to handle. You have a contract! Sue her and take it to court. The agency should also have a screening process! Sue them as well.”

Meanwhile, a long-time follower expressed their unwavering support: “I am so sorry. I’ve watched y’all story for so long and I just want the same thing for you that you guys want. I want y’all to be happy and you guys to get that baby.”

Finally, a commenter chimed in to address the negativity surrounding their age gap: “I do not care about the age of this couple they will LOVE this baby with everything they got! Age has nothing to do with this. Praying for you both.”

In a subsequent video on June 25, 2024, Quran and Cheryl thanked their followers for their support during this challenging time.

“Thank you all for all the prayers and support which y’all have been giving me,” Quran said. “She [the surrogate mother] reached out to us, basically saying she’s keeping the baby. We are currently going to have to delay the gender reveal because we don’t have the results yet.”

Despite the devastating update, Cheryl and Quran remain hopeful and resilient, placing their faith in a higher power.

Quran concluded, “It’s all in God’s hands. If he wants to deliver us a healthy baby, it will come healthy.”

The couple’s journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions, from the initial joy of expecting a child to the crushing news of the surrogate’s decision.

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