Widowed elderly man gets second chance at a family when family of 7 move in across the street

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Nestled in the charming town of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, a tale of unexpected friendship and family unfolds.

Amidst the everyday hustle and bustle, the Caraballo family, a lively group of seven, has found an eighth member in their 82-year-old neighbor, Paul Callahan.

Growing old is never easy, but it’s particularly difficult when you’re left lonely with all of your close friends and family gone.
It can be a difficult time for a person, especially after the loss of a spouse that the are accustomed to seeing daily.


Sharaine Caraballo and her husband, Wilson, are the embodiment of community spirit.
They’ve ensured that Paul, who resides just a stone’s throw away across the street, never feels alone.

Whether it’s a Sunday family dinner, a backyard cookout, or a festive holiday gathering, Paul’s presence is as cherished as any family member’s.

Sharaine, with a voice filled with warmth, says, “Every time the kids see Paul, their faces light up. They rush to him, arms wide open, as if greeting their very own grandfather. For us, Paul has transcended the title of ‘neighbor.’ He’s truly family.”

Moving to a new neighborhood always comes with its set of uncertainties.
The Caraballo family was no exception.

Sharaine reminisces, “We were stepping into unfamiliar territory. With our lively kids and being the only Black family here, we were anxious about how we’d be perceived and if we’d be welcomed.”

But the universe has its way of sending angels when you least expect it.
Enter Paul Callahan.

A seasoned handyman, Paul was the first to extend a hand of friendship.

With a ladder in tow and a heart full of goodwill, he offered invaluable advice and assistance to help the Caraballos settle into their new home.

As days turned into weeks, the family learned of Paul’s heart-wrenching loss.
His life partner, his beloved wife, had recently passed away.


Sensing his loneliness, the Caraballos made it their mission to envelop him in warmth, love, and the joyous chaos that comes with a big family.

Today, Paul’s laughter echoes in the Caraballo household as frequently as any family member’s.
He’s become the children’s favorite storyteller, weaving tales from his younger days, imparting lessons, and sharing nuggets of wisdom.

His stories, filled with life lessons and humor, have become a cherished part of their daily routine.

Reflecting on their beautiful bond, Paul says, “Life is a tapestry of moments and connections. Every person we meet has a story, a lesson. If we don’t reach out, we might miss out on something truly special. Kindness is an investment with immeasurable returns.”

In a world where headlines often focus on differences and divisions, the story of the Caraballos and Paul Callahan serves as a beacon of hope.

The family’s compassion towards Paul shows the power of community, the beauty of unexpected friendships, and the magic that unfolds when we open our doors and hearts to those around us.

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