Whoopi Walks Off ”The View”

When one of the hosts didn’t agree with Whoopi, she leaves the show.

Whoopi Goldberg left the set of ABC’s “The View” on Tuesday during a heated argument. The topic of conversation revolved around a widely shared video featuring country music artist Miranda Lambert bemoaning the fans for snapping pictures at her most recent performance.

The co-hosts’ opinions on the situation divided them, causing a disturbance.

When Lambert, 39, saw people in the audience taking selfies, she interrupted her performance. She halted the show to voice her disgust at the interruption. Co-host Sunny Hostin, 54, entered the discussion on “The View” by revealing the cost of concert tickets and asserting that attendees had the right to snap selfies.

Goldberg, 67, had a different stance and supported the popular country music artist. She made it clear that if concertgoers were prepared to shell out so much money for tickets, they ought to be kind enough to pay attention to the performance instead of posing for photos.

Goldberg left the conversation after their argument grew more heated and said that the audience should just stay at home if they weren’t ready to give the performance their whole attention.

In response, Hostin said that she used her camera to capture memories of the concerts she attended. She liked the way the background music and the images combined to create a visual experience. Goldberg left the scene in a rage, refusing to back down despite her justification.