“When I got here in the morning, I saw a woman pick up her three babies from it, but she never came back,” the waiter of the café said.

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Life can change in an instant. One moment, I was about to marry the love of my life; the next, I was confined to a wheelchair after a devastating car accident. This sudden change shattered my dreams, leaving me to grapple with a new reality.

Initially, I was overwhelmed by despair and uncertainty. Navigating life from a wheelchair felt impossible. But amidst the darkness, I found hope—a determination to marry the man I loved despite my new limitations. My fiancé and I vowed that nothing would stand in the way of our wedding day.

As the date approached, my future mother-in-law offered her help with the final preparations. Grateful, I welcomed her into our home. However, my trust was shattered when I overheard a conversation between her and my fiancé. She said, “Son, you have to leave her otherwise…”

Her words cut through me like a knife. I felt a searing pain in my chest, betrayed by the woman who seemed like family. How could she urge my fiancé to abandon me in my time of need?

But as the shock wore off, I realized I am not defined by my wheelchair. I am a fighter and a survivor. I confronted my fiancé and his mother, demanding answers and holding them accountable. Though the road ahead is challenging, I am determined to navigate it with dignity and strength, believing that love will prevail in the end.

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