Twitter Fans Sounds Off On Resurfaced Video Of Denzel Washington Brushing Off A Fan

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Even though Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood’s most adored actors, he doesn’t put up with people who disrespect his privacy. An old time that resurfaced on social press on Thursday clearly illustrates how the professionals feel about followers who become aggressive.

Washington was speaking with ExtraTV at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival when a clip showed a woman who interrupted his interview. The young lady decided to place her hand on the actor after jumping in the middle of his interview with correspondent, Terri Seymour.

The Academy-Award-winning actor casually shoved the woman’s hand ahead while still keeping his cool. As the professional graciously transitioned back to the interview despite the uncomfortable moment, Seymour told him he’s very nice actually when fans go ashore. Washington, however, made it clear that he has limitations,

Training Day is commonly regarded as one of Washington’s most classic films. Washington trains his freshman partner by taking him for a trip through Los Angeles’s internal cities while portraying lifelong LAPD officer Alonzo Harris. However, it ultimately turns out that Harris has a covert personality that the LAPD was unaware of. Washington dropped one of his most renowned lines in the movie,

“King Kong ain’t got s**t on me,” he said prior to being revelead.

Twitter fans sounded off on their thoughts regarding the small fan brush-in:

Watch the full clip below: