Tiny baby goes to church and is touched by the hymns – then joins in with a passion

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It’s a big moment when babies start to say their first words. The world seems to stop when they finally learn to say “mama” or “dada”. That usually happens when the baby is a few months old. This baby is about to impress. Just a few months old and already so close to getting some words out and singing with his church family.

The woman starts singing a song about Jesus to the little baby while sitting in the pews of a church. To her surprise, the baby was feeling the love and wanted to sing right back to her. Someone was quick to capture the tender moment on camera.His big puppy dog eyes look up at the woman and what he does next amazes everyone.

He begins to sing back. He is not able to mouth the exact words of course, but it is clear he is trying his hardest to get those words out so he can sing along with the woman holding him. He even makes eye contact, and it seems like he’s thinking so hard about the words to the song, and trying his absolute best to mimic what she sings.The woman has a beautiful voice. She is probably used to singing praises and prayers in church. This is most likely the first time she gives a baby some voice lessons.

The people around them are loving it. Everyone is amused by the absolutely adorable baby. Someone behind the camera says, “He’s going to get the Holy Ghost tonight!” The baby almost gets to sing accurately, we can almost hear him sing “hallelujah!”We are so lucky that the person who captured the moment posted the video on YouTube. The video has gained over a million views and comments, and thousands of likes since the video was posted. Who could possibly dislike a video as sweet as this?Even the comments were filled with so much positivity. They were admiring his cuteness and the fact that he has so much talent for such a young baby. Someone commented, “…AND he’s singing on key!”

“It was beautiful. When children sing the heavens and the gates open,” said another user.Growing up in this church surrounded by music and his singing family, this baby is only going to get better. We will not be surprised when he leads the choir someday.

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