This Single Father Was a Successful TV Superhero, Yet Turned Down Career in ‘A Split Second’ for His Son

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This public figure prioritized fatherhood over his successful acting career, which could have made him the highest-paid star. He made sacrifices so that he could be there for his only child.

The man is best known for his stints on hit shows such as “Las Vegas,” “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” and “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

The Michigan native is well-known as Superman and shared what portraying the role meant to him during a December 2014 interview. The now-57-year-old said:

“That’s a badge of honor for me. I’m very proud of that.”

Who Is the Single Dad Who Became a Successful Superhero?
Dean Cain rose to superstardom, starring in the superhero television series, “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” as Superman/Clark Kent alongside Richard Belzer. The show aired from 1993 to 1997.

In a September 2022 interview, he revealed that he often attends comic book conventions to meet fans of his iconic character and the series. Dean reportedly travels to at least five Comic-Cons annually.The television star admitted he did not realize the show’s impact on fans, as some have come up to tell him how much it touched their lives. He mentioned that because social media was not a thing back then, the cast and crew were not aware of viewers’ reactions to the series.

After learning about fans’ reactions, it dawned on him that the show was impactful, and he said the experience was “special” and “worth it,” adding:

“It was worth giving up four and a half years of your life.”

Dean explained that he went to work daily, “18 hours a day for nine and a half months,” adding that at some point, it became “suffocating.” However, he acknowledged that hearing people tell him how much they still appreciated the show makes him “feel really good.”

Dean Made Sacrifices for His Child
At the height of his career, Dean disclosed that he passed up many acting opportunities to raise his only child, son Christopher Cain, as a single father.

The “Out of Time” star shared custody of their young son with his former girlfriend Samantha Torres from 2003 until he was awarded full custody in 2011. Dean admitted in a 2021 interview that this experience had a massive impact on his show business career, divulging:

“I turned down being one of, if not the highest-paid actor on television.”

“[…] But I was in the middle of a custody dispute, so I could either be a father or take that job,” Dean explained, adding, “It took me a split second” to make his decision.

Of his choice, the movie star, who was adopted at four years old, said he would not have it any other way because having a father figure in a child’s life was incredibly important to him.

Dean has “never been married” and believes that his son Christopher is “proud” of him and vice versa. He is his favorite person, and they like spending time together. The father of one once revealed he cooks every meal for Christopher and thinks he makes the best steak.

Christopher is now a teenager, and his famous dad admitted in a 2020 interview that raising him while working at the same time is “difficult,” but he has learned to prioritize him in his decision-making.

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