This is the reason why you should never drink coffee on an empty stomach

The first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning is coffee. I don’t function properly until it flows in my veins, and I know I’m not the only one.

Coffee has many benefits. It can enhance memory and reduce the risk of dementia and cancer. But it’s not good to drink coffee on an empty stomach – it could be dangerous, according to certain studies.

Here are three reasons why you must never drink coffee before breakfast.

Stomach acid: Your stomach contains amino acids that help to break down the food you eat. But before breakfast, your stomach is empty and there’s no food to be breaken down by the acids. So when you pour acid coffee down the throat, your stomach gets out of balance.

You may suffer from abdominal pain or heartburn. In addition, it is easier to cancer cells to grow in a stomatch full of coffee, because cancer cells are flourishing in an acid environment.

Anxiety: When consuming small doses of caffeine, you become active, vigilant and euphoric. Larger consumes on the other hand, can cause anxiety and lead to fatigue, especially if you drink a lot of coffee on an empty stomach.

The amount of coffee that makes people feel well is different for each and every one. Some people will drink endless cups without a problem – and others only need one shot of espresso. Know how much you can drink, and try to avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

Loss of appetite: Studies have shown that caffeine reduces appetite. It can be positive if for example you are on a diet. But it’s never a good idea to skip breakfast.

Your body needs to to get real energy – not just a buzz of coffee. So eat something first.