This explains perfectly why you don’t send a man to the grocery store. Jeanne Robertson in a Comedy Classic

Jeanne Robertson is a well-known humorist and motivational speaker noted for her distinct blend of wit and relevant experiences. She died in 2021, yet her sense of humor lives on and makes our lives easier and lighter.

«Don’t send a man to the grocery store!» is one of her most popular routines, in which she tells the humorous story of her husband’s botched effort to shop for groceries. The routine is a classic comedic routine that continues to thrill audiences of all ages. Robertson captures the essence of everyday life and transforms it into something absolutely special with her insightful remarks and funny anecdotes.

Robertson begins the process by revealing that she and her husband are empty-nesters and that she usually does all of the grocery shopping. However, she was feeling under the weather on this particular day and asked her husband to pick up a few items from the supermarket. The audience was in stitches as a comic succession of mistakes and misunderstandings ensued. Whether you enjoy comedy, motivational speaking, or just good old-fashioned storytelling, Jeanne Robertson is a must-see.

Watch it below: