“There’s just no way that a man should be able to come into a boxing ring and box with a woman. ”

A female boxer who has competed in the past is criticizing one of the biggest regulatory organizations of the sport for allowing biological men to compete against women in the ring, claiming that this will injure women and deny female fighters opportunities.

Cary Williams, a former Olympic boxer and female competition boxer, told Fox News Digital this week, “I could not believe it when I heard that they were allowing transgender people to box women.” “I am aware that it has been occurring in several sports, which is wrong on all fronts. However, I was truly taken aback to learn that individuals were punching each other in the face, body, and head.”
A fighter who underwent gender surgery and changed their identity to a female may participate in the female division if they meet certain requirements outlined in the rulebook. These conditions include the fighter’s identification, hormone levels, and completion of the procedure. This announcement was made earlier this year by USA Boxing.

Williams gave a story about her time as a 30-year-old fighter sparring with a 16-year-old man to get ready for a fight, and she told Fox News Digital that this move will cause girls and women to be seriously damaged in the ring. She saw directly the biological and anatomical distinctions between males and females.